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The founders of the Amerivest Companies originally started in 1978 as a professional services firm and have participated in more than 400 major projects globally.

For more than 30 years our partners have served entrepreneurs, businesses and non-profit organizations.

We have expanded our reach, and been shaped by the needs of our customers by constantly adapting to changing markers and business climates. We have been driven to constantly innovate and accumulate an array of timeless best practices.

In early 2008, the company was reorganized around new management, thereby expanding the company's breadth of services and international reach.

Retired CEO's, public policy advisors and leading academic thinkers participate with the Amerivest Companies in order to provide a compelling and innovative team.

Over the years, we have served the real estate industry, local and state governments, emerging technology companies, the medical device sector, telecommunications, hardware & software industries as well as the financial services sector.

Today the Amerivest Companies are uniquely positioned to offer strategic planning services, efficiency innovations, private equity capital, and assist companies with governmental and public policy issues.

Our investment strategies have also placed the Companies in a position to deploy technology synergies, their management team, and capital formation resources, in targeting strategic acquisitions and exits. 


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Brian Palmer

Mr. Palmer, as a professional consultant, entrepreneur, founder, owner, and partner in diverse business interests, has directed and fully implemented a wide array of strategic business plans, and complementing marketing & financial planning for a broad array of successful operating businesses, and clients since 1976.  

Mr. Palmer received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies, Master of Architecture Degree, and a Master of Business Administration Degree concentrating in marketing & finance, from the University of Detroit, and has completed postgraduate studies in finance. He has taught at the undergraduate level, and has lectured at various planning association conferences internationally.

Mr. Palmer has held appointments in numerous professional and civic organizations, including the Macomb 2000 Alliance For Leadership; past Commissioner and Chair of the Master Plan Committee - the City of Detroit; past board member and Downtown Development Chair for Detroit's Central Business District Association. Mr. Palmer has also has held elective office in Macomb County, Michigan and served the County and State of Michigan for almost 22 years. 

Memberships have included the American Institute of Architects, Associated General Contractors, Michigan Society of Planning officials, American Planning Association, Detroit Economic Club, and Engineering Society of Detroit. A member of Who's Who, Mr. Palmer has written a unique array of articles and forecasts, and has been published in various professional journals, including Craines' publications and others. He also held gubernatorial appointments from Michigan Governors, Jim Blanchard and John Engler. 

Mr. Palmer, was a partner, and President of the American Scientific Manufacturing and Construction Corporation, which engineered and manufactured custom environmental facilities for global high-tech applications, from 1981 through 1987. He has also been associated with numerous construction firms and developers in Michigan since 1970, including Utley James Inc., and the Barton Malow Company as a marketing/management consultant for hi-tech industrial projects.  

From 1978 to 1982, he served as Vice President, and Divisional President, and partnered with the Kinetix Group Inc., a venture capital development company in Detroit involved in a consortium of businesses including real estate development; leisure/recreation projects and facilities; the manufacture and marketing of a limited edition automobile; and the distribution and marketing of building materials/products nationally.  

Mr. Palmer, the past President and CEO of Amerivest Properties Inc., founded in 1984, managed the company's fully integrated in-house development activities and operating properties including construction management, design & planning, market & financial feasibility, marketing/leasing, financing, and property management for various residential, industrial, specialty, and commercial properties throughout the Midwest.  

He also served as the President of Palmer Holdings, a management organization overseeing the strategic investment and financial planning for various real estate and operating businesses. Palmer Holdings, formerly directed operations for its national real estate affiliates: Amerivest Development, Amerivest Construction, Amerivest Management, and Development Feasibility Associates (established in 1976), all successors of Amerivest Properties, Inc., established in 1984.

The Amerivest Companies, based in Detroit, Michigan, and formerly Farmington Hills, Rochester, Sterling Heights, and Redford, Michigan, have also operated offices nationally and internationally. Its’ construction divisions, DiJulio Construction, Amerivest Construction, and formerly Schiller Construction, have previously provided design, construction management, and general contracting services. Over the years, Palmer Holdings and Amerivest's management team have participated in, developed and/or constructed combined commercial, industrial and residential projects of almost $2 Billion since 1982. 

Mr. Palmer also formerly served as the CEO of Americom Telemanagement Inc. launched in 1991, which pioneered one of the very first CLEC's in the Midwest. Americom is a recognized consultant, and advisor to the financing of the telecommunications & M2M sector, worldwide.  

As the Founder and President of the Blessed Virgin Mary Foundation, a Michigan Non-profit and 501 C3, founded in 1995 to provide charitable services, Mr. Palmer provided oversight for the Foundation's activities, including various K-12 education initiatives. The Foundation has planned for the development of a K-12 Roman Catholic academy in Southeast Michigan, as previously approved by the Archdiocese of Detroit. 

A passionate and vocal public policy advocate, Mr. Palmer been active in local, state and national politics since 1979, and concurrently remains active in civic affairs in Southeast Michigan and the State of Michigan. In his first national political effort, Mr. Palmer delivered the closest margin ever against, at that time, an entrenched 22-year incumbent Congressman, then seeking to be the next Speaker of the House. 

In 2002, Mr. Palmer won a special election, called by Michigan’s Governor Engler, to fill a crucial seat in the Michigan House of Representatives, and was re-elected to serve three additional full terms for Michigan’s 32nd and 36th Districts. Representative Palmer served as the Chairman of the Education Committee for four years, and was a ranking majority member of the House Commerce Committee, and the House Tax Policy Committee. He served as the Vice Chairman of the House Employment Relations Committee; and on the Transportation Committee, Land Use Policy Committee, Law & Judiciary Committee, Higher Education Appropriations for all Michigan’s public universities and colleges, and further served on the Great Lakes & Environment Committee, and Family & Human Services Committee in his final term. Representative Palmer received numerous awards and honors during his legislative tenure, including Legislator of the Year for small business and family advocacy groups. His legislation advancing school choice and accountability, including Charter School legislation, ISD reform, Graduation Standards, and his twenty-five years of leadership in public education policy has been recognized nationally. 

Subsequent to his retirement from the Legislature, Mr. Palmer, along with colleagues from around the world, restructured the focus of the Amerivest legacy, and launched a new vision under the banner of the Amerivest Companies, an executive management solutions team focused on strategic acquisitions and financial and technological synergies. Amerivest, by combining it’s strategic planning capabilities, management team, public policy experience, private capital capability, and its’ embracing of emerging technologies, helped create a turnkey business solutions organization focused on creating business value, and reinventing businesses to adapt to changing times.

Mr. Palmer also syndicates a series of global economics blogs and web-based forums focused on the traditional values that our nation was founded upon, consistent with his philosophy of service to country, the preservation of personal freedoms, and our constitutional legacy.

His dedication to community service has prompted the Palmer family to also focus on identifying charitable causes through the BVM Foundation, and to continue a legacy of public and community service. 




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