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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Amerivest LP To Invest In FOREX Platform- December, 2015 

The Amerivest Companies will be committing substantial capital to acquire a seasoned Forex Platform operated by associates of the Nauta Capital Company. The platform has operated for almost ten years utilizing a proprietary algorithim and experienced risk-adverse team based in the US, Canada, with offshore offices. Amerivest will be utilizing it's own capital for the initial deployment this month, and will open up the opportunity to limited partners of the Amerivest Limited Partnership soon. Limited Partner qualified investments will be a minimum of $500,000.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Speciality Real Estate Sector Targeted By Amerivest- September, 2013 

Amrerivest has launched a joint venture partnership with Specialty Real Estate developers, targeting the acquisition and redevelopment of short-term residential, commercial and mixed-use discounted real property investments.

The Specialty Real Estate portfolio, in the caes that there are adequate partnership funds available to puruse this investment option, is intended to focus on the acquisition and turnaround of residential, hospitality, commercial and industrial properties purchased at a substantial discount. The research and due diligence network engaged is current with regard to targeted undervalued and distressed acquisition targets, that are available from time-to-time. Exits are generally anticipated to be within a 6-month to 2-year period, and most can be pre-arranged exit sales with qualified buyers. These targeted acquisitions are anticipated to provide short-term returns during a limited opportunity period, with reduction of risk through prearranged exits.

Hospitality properties, for example, may be purchased with discounts up to 40% of appraised value of newly renovated facilities. The acquisition strategy relies on strong relationships, for example, with hospitality flags, and targeted short-term hospitality property buyers, including Marriott, Hilton, Starwood & IHG. Hospitality markets are high barrier-to-entry markets, and Amerivest’s thirty years of experience in construction management, combined with an aligned broad network of proven cost-effective hospitality contractors is anticipated to enhance short term returns.

The Amerivest team of hands-on experienced branding/repositioning and hospitality marketing professionals is also anticipated to maximize value of such an investment. Commercial, industrial and mixed-use real estate would be purchased at a substantial discount in niche markets, with a high barrier-to-entry.

Our commercial/industrial property management team and leasing strategy utilized on all targeted commercial & industrial properties, is focused on substantially pre-leasing with AA tenants. Post acquisition appraised valuations on commercial & industrial properties in strategic niche locations are further anticipated to be 50% higher than discounted purchase values in average. 

Other companies will complement Amerivest Development’s experience in order to support and guidance, direction, and strategic positioning for such targeted property acquisitions, and act as joint venture partners on a project-by-project basis. 

The Partnership’s investment in this sector is tentative, and will only be pursued in such case that adequate capital remains available in the Partnership, subsequent to the portfolio company investments. If pursued, this investment option will vary dependent upon the overall investment in the portfolio companies, market conditions, and liquidation of other portfolio investments, which could result in available short-term capital.

The Partnership will focus on implementing strategic acquisitions, as outlined above, that exhibit synergies with sister investments in the fund.

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Amerivest Limited Partnership to Consider Private Equity Exchange Investment- July 2013 

American Private Equity Exchange: APEX, a newly launched Internet-based exchange that would allow private companies to be bought and sold. APEX would be the world’s first national exchange enabling private middle market companies to be bought and sold on a secure transactional platform. 

Such a unique cloud-based platform is anticipated to be recognized by industry leaders and professionals as the future of private capital deployment. Private businesses list on the exchange to sell, recapitalize or seek other equity-oriented transactions. APEX would provide transactional certainty, matching qualified buyers with qualified sellers while substantially reducing expense and shortening transaction time frames. This targeted investment is a financial services company within a niche market that may have the potential to grow to a $1 billion USD company. It is anticipated to be a predictable medium term investment with little disintermediation from the Internet, with a business that is simple to understand and manage. 

APEX’s total capital requirement is $6.5 Million. The Partnership is considering an investment up to 35% of APEX.

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Amerivest Launches Residential Real Estate Platform- April, 2015 

Amerivest Properties, the real estate investment affiliate of the Amerivest Group and the Amerivest Companies has launched a residential real estate platform in April of 2015.

The platform includes the purchase, holding, and sale of both single family residential and multi-family residential properties throughout the continental United States. The company also provides properties available on a lease-to-own, or rent-to-own basis for those families that may not qualify for conventional financing.

Amerivest has opened a rolling line-of-credit in excess of $1.5 Million to be utilized for acquisitions on a monthly basis. The company will also consider joint ventures with other residential market players interested in acquiring mid-valued properties up to $650,000 per acquisition.

Amerivest websites that communicate its' residential platform opportunties include:

• I Buy Houses:

• House Finders:

• Houses for Sale:

• Lease-To-Own:

Free reports on the status of the US residential real estate market, and opportunities with Amerivest Properties are available on these websites.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Amerivest Properties To Launch New Real Estate Management Division- November 16, 2015 

Amerivest Properties, the original real estate development corporation formed in 1985, has been restructured to act both as a property management division, and development team for the Amerivest Limited partnership's future real property acquisitions.

A website is to be launched by the end of 2015 highlighting Amerivest properties past developments, and new capabilities.

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False Press Release Exposed - November 9th, 2015 





Brian Palmer, in December of 2014, filed a Wrongful Prosecution Federal Civil Rights Complaint under the US Constitution, as well as a Defamation, Libel, and Slander Complaint, against Bill Schuette, the Michigan Attorney General, and one of his deputy attorney generals, Scott Teter. The complaint was filed in the Federal Court for the Eastern District of Michigan and assigned to the Hon. Denise Page Hood. The Complaint states that in a press release, the Attorney General falsely and wrongly accused Palmer of involvement in a financial scheme, when in fact an innocuous misdemeanor resulting in a $100 fine was the basis of their press release. In a letter to the Attorney General’s Office, Palmer had requested that the Attorney General remove the false and defamatory press release from their website, but the Attorney General’s Office refused to remove the press release. The refusal gave Palmer no other choice but to take legal action against the Attorney General’s Office. The lawsuit asks for unspecified money damages, and also asks that the court order the Attorney General’s Office to remove the false and defamatory press release from its website.

The AG’s attempt to circumvent and dismiss the lawsuit on the basis that the Attorney General and staff are immune from such prosecution, continues, and awaits an immunity ruling from the court. According to legal counsel, and former Representative Palmer, it is clear that the Attorney General’s office does want to try to prove that their allegations were true, and risk further exposure revealing that their actions were politically motivated and that their press release allegations were false. Attorney General Schuette continues to attack the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution and any actions or initiatives protected under the US Civil Rights Act. The multiple overturning(s) of his ill-conceived anti-civil rights arguments by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, clearly demonstrate his disregard for individual rights and constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. Further, the Michigan AG office’s disregard for slapping journalists who with subpoenas for news gathering on allegations of juvenile prisoner abuse in state prisons in March of this year, is indicative of Schuette’s office ignoring the civil rights of individuals. To his credit, Schuette apologized to the journalists, but only after these tactics were exposed.

The Federal Court continues to review the Attorney General’s carefully navigated circumvention of Palmer’s lawsuit and the principles of “due process”. The lawsuit, filed in December of 2014 was not dismissed promptly, months ago, as demanded by the Attorney General, indicating that the Federal Court has clearly taken seriously the violations alleged in the suit. This action by the Court has once again exposed the fact that this Attorney General’s office operates based on political motives, headlines, and a personal agenda, rather than the rule of law and it’s constitutional oath.

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Amerivest To Launch Its' Second Fund in December of 2015- September, 2015 

Amerivest has recently announced plans to launch its' second fund, after the successful exits in its' first fund launched in December of 2012. The 2nd fund is anticipated to raise up to $50 Million, with leverage capability in excess of $50 Million, allowing it to strategically acquire certain mixed-use real estate properties both in the US and Canada. The properties possess very attractive operating cash flow characteristics, and will be purchased at below-market, high cap rates. Amerivest's strategic investment network has located select high cap rate acquisitions, including commercial, industrial, multiple residential properties.

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