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Americom Telemanagement Inc.

Americom's mission in this century, is to seek out, and facilitate strategic investment in the Telcom and M2m sectors. We seek to provide value added services to customers by integrating communication infrastructures (Wireline, Wireless, Broadband, Satellite), hardware devices, and software to create a fully integrated Machine to Machine  (M2M) services company. These services will connect people, devices, and systems and convert machine data into actionable information.

According to Beecham Research, M2M Asset Visibility was over $28 billion market by 2014, and 2018 estimates are almost double that.  The Gartner Group has named M2M one of the top ten mobile growth markets for 2010.  “There was over 1 trillion devices connected to the Internet in 2013”, said Cisco Chief Technology Officer Padma Warrior.  November 2010 - Novatel Wireless Inc. entered a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Enfora Inc., which provides asset-management solutions that use wireless technology and Machine-to-Machine communications. 

M2M is the process of transmitting asset or environmental data in order to inform enterprises, individuals, or other machines. M2M utilizes sensors, ID tags, and/or embedded processors working together with communications standards to gather and analyze data; communicate asset status; and enable higher order functionality in machines. 
“The PC and Information Appliance eras have focused on making people more productive in the office and field. The technology has largely been built to support people interacting with other people. Much of the technology was focused on enabling powerful, high bandwidth, always-on computing and communications. The M2M era will be very different. M2M communications will be driven more by devices interacting with people and other devices. The technology solutions will require device-specific applications, with lower bandwidth and energy requirements than PC users demand.” 
“In all, M2M has the potential to unleash significant productivity gains and economic growth unlike any previous technology wave.”

We at Americom will be targeting M2M opportunities, Telcom infrastructure targets that can be integrated into out investment portfolio, and create economic and technological synergies with our portfolio investments.



telcom operations & marketing consulting

Americom's experienced cadre of telcom  consultants, executives, and marketing support are available to  provide both consulting services and executive management expertise for telcom operations.


telcom investing

We not only provide strategic support services for telcom operations, but we also invest in both clients and companies that we seek out to acquire.


telcom financing

The Amerivest Companies not only invest, but we also provide both private equity and debt financing for 3rd party companies seeking to expand, and/or acquire add-on acquisitions to facilitate their growth.